BELLING Freestanding Electric Cooker



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Type: Freestanding Electric Cooker

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This Belling cooker with double oven is an exclusive model, so you’ll only find it at Euronics and Agents stores. With modern features, the FS50EFD0STA is a great addition to any kitchen.

Thanks to its freestanding design, you have more options when it comes to positioning. This cooker is 50 cm wide, which makes it ideal if you have limited space.

Flexible Cooking

The FS50EFD0STA offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to cooking meals for your family. With the four zone sealed plate hob, you can boil, fry, poach, and steam your food to your heart’s content.

The fanned electric main oven has a 57 L gross capacity, so you’ll have plenty of space to cook enough for the whole family. There are two shelves inside the main cavity which can be altered to suit what you’re cooking. Easily make room for everything from the turkey at Christmas, to a homemade birthday cake with the FS50EFD0STA.

There’s also a convenient top oven with an integrated grill. This has a 37 L gross capacity, with one adjustable shelf. Grill up some bacon, halloumi cheese, or tasty burgers in no time using the grill pan with handle.

Fantastic Features

The main oven has a double glazed glass door, and there’s even a useful light inside. Easily monitor what you’ve got cooking, without having to open the door.  

There are easy clean enamel oven liners inside both the main and top oven. This means you can keep your appliance looking like new, without the hard work. The shiny stainless steel design will complement any kitchen décor and can easily match your other appliances.

The main oven has an A energy rating, which is ideal for the environmentally conscious. Save money on your energy bills while doing your bit for the planet with the FS50EFD0STA.

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