BLOMBERG Induction Hob

Blomberg MIN54307N Induction Hob - Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd


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Type: Induction Hob

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Blomberg MIN54307N Induction Hob - Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd
Induction Technology
An induction hob uses electromagnetic sensors to detect when there’s a pan on the hob. The hob then precisely heats the pan, but not the area around it. This prevents wasted energy and could save you money on your utility bills. It will also give consistent heat across the base, cooking foods quickly and evenly.
The MIN54307N can also sense when a pan is removed, immediately switching off the heat for added safety.
This model has four cooking zones with nine power levels, and a booster function for quick heating - choosing precise temperatures makes cooking easier than ever.
Handy Features
The touch sensitive controls at the front of the hob are easy to access and use. They maintain a streamlined cooking surface and make cleaning easier, while also maximising the available cooking space.
As induction cooking heats the pan rather than the hob, food particles won’t burn onto the hob. This makes cleaning a doddle – simply wipe the surface clean in seconds.
Easy Installation
This Blomberg induction hob has been designed to be easy and quick to install. With Plug & Play technology, no hardwiring is required; it can be simply plugged into an existing socket.
In addition, mounted clips on the side of the hob allow for fast installation.
Welcome the future of cooking with the Blomberg MIN54307N. Buy your induction hob here.
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Additional Information
•Front left (kW): 0.75/2.2 (Dual Zone)
•Rear left (kW): 1.2
•Rear right (kW): 1.5
Hob Controls
•Location: Front Control
•Type: Touch Control
•Worktop cut out W: 56 cm
•Worktop cut out D: 49 cm
Certifications & Standards CE
Product Specs: