BOSCH Induction Hob

Bosch PIB375FB1E Profile trim (front facette with side trim) 306 mm


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Brand: BOSCH

Type: Induction Hob

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Bosch PIB375FB1E Profile trim (front facette with side trim) 306 mm

The Induction hob: Faster than gas and ceramic hobs, induction is easier to clean and more energy efficient.

 DirectSelect: Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
Induction: Fast, precise cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption.
ComfortProfil: Elegant, appealing design with bevelled front and metal strips on the side.
PowerBoost: Up to 50% more power for faster heating.
Timer with switch-off function: Turns off the assigned cooking zone after the set time.
Profile trim (front facette with side trim)
2 induction cooking zones
DirectSelect touch control
Digital display
Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone
Timer for all zones
Timer - shows how long the cooktop is in use
Count up timer per cooktop
HighSpeed ceramic glass
Automatic pan recognition sensor
Power management options for 16A, 13A or 10A connection
Automatic safety shut off
Control panel lock
QuickStart function
ReStart function
Energy consumption display
Cable included
Connection cable (1.1 M )
Connected load: 3.7 kW
Cooking Zones: 1 x Ø 145 mm, 1.4 KW (max. Power levels 2.2 KW) Induction; 1 x Ø 210 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power levels 3.7 KW) Induction
Min. worktop thickness: 30 mm
2 stage residual heat indicator for each zone
Main on/off switch
PowerBoost function for all zones
Product Specs: