NEFF Extractor Canopy Hood

NEFF TI99C68N1GB Extractor Canopy Hood


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Extractor Canopy Hood

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NEFF TI99C68N1GB Extractor Canopy Hood

Discreet and efficient venting from NEFF with this stylish, built in canopy hood.

This 90 cm built-in canopy hood is designed to fit into your kitchen units, providing a seamless finish. It has 4 halogen lights which are going to illuminate your hob perfectly and provide some ambient lighting into your kitchen. If you love to cook everything from simple pasta dishes to an Indian culinary delight, there’ll be the right level of ventilation for you as you can select between 3 extraction speeds. For added flexibility, you can choose between recirculation and external venting too.

Technical specs to follow.

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